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Endorsed Candidate Resources

Find below resources from us and those we recommend from other democratic or rural organizations. The DFL Rural Caucus did not develop these resources; However, we recognize their power in aiding local candidates running for office and thus we recommend using them.

Rural Caucus Endorsed Candidate Resources

Information cards on Joe Biden Administration accomplishments, and the 2023 State Legislative accomplishments for your use, and more.

DFL Rural Caucus Logo and Other Media

Feel free to use our logo on your literature, website, or anywhere else you want to promote it.

Submit Your Event

Submit your event for inclusion on the DFL Rural Caucus calendar

Center for Rural Policy & Development

The Center for Rural Policy and Development provides high-quality, objective and nonpartisan research to examine and advance policy and decision-making, rural advocacy, and civic engagement for Greater Minnesota’s development.

MN SOS Information on Running for Office

Candidate filing information, candidate qualifications, and more.

State DFL Trainings

Geared toward everyone from political novices to experienced volunteers, this online training system allows you to register for live virtual trainings and access a variety of on-demand courses found exclusively on the DFL Training Hub.

NDTC Trainings

The largest Democratic campaign training program in the country, they provide the training, tools, and resources you need to win and change your community!

Best Practices Institute

Request access to the Best Practices Institute (BPI) Victory Vault, a Google Team Drive containing a wealth of helpful current and historical training resources from the DNC.

DFL Voterfile Information

Guides that will help you use the VAN efficiently and effectively, VAN trainings, and requesting VAN access.

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