News: Mary Hinnenkamp in Parades

Mary is on the move! She will be in several parades this August, and has a robust door knocking schedule. Mary is seeking the House seat in District 23A, and is working hard for your support! Lend her a hand if you can, so we can keep Minnesota in trustworthy hands.

Here is Mary's parade schedule:

Join Mary in August Parades

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Glenville Days Parade: August 13th 10:30am. There will be a hay wagon for those who wish to ride.

Wells Kernel Days parade: August 20th at 5pm.

Join Mary in the Waldorf parade on August 27th at 2pm.

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Mary Hinnenkamp has her boots on the ground and is knocking on doors all over her district. Can YOU keep up with Mary and help her out? Here is her newest schedule: Doorknock for Mary Sign up link: ht