Business and Community Development

We believe American business in cooperation with working men and women can create economic prosperity. We believe the role of government is to encourage and regulate business in order to create economic opportunity for all.

Reasonable regulations that encourage fair competition, ensure safety, environmental and labor standards, and prevent price discrimination. • Community reinvestment to promote local business and home ownership. • Small business development, especially ownership by members of economically disadvantaged groups. • Regulation of interstate businesses, especially banks, to prevent adverse effects on locally owned businesses and banks. • Economic investment in troubled regions or industries. • Responsible use of economic development funds. • Businesses that build, employ, and invest in the United States. • Affordable housing for all Minnesotans, including assistance to local governments that promote mixedincome housing opportunities. • Counties’, townships’ and cities’ right to set stricter standards than those required by the state for land use and local development,

Image by Ryan De Hamer