Soldier and Family Reunion


We honor and respect the men and women who have served and are serving our country. We must advocate for their physical and emotional well-being, both abroad and at home, as well as their economic security. We must ensure that our military is the best-trained, equipped, and supported force in the world and that the men and women of our military are ready to meet the new threats of the 21st century. Their sacrifices and those of their families must never be forgotten.

We Support: • Providing veterans’ benefits to members of the state militia (National Guard and Air National Guard) and military reserves deployed in active federal service equal to those provided to members of the active military as defined by Article 10. • Providing timely and sufficient funding to appropriate government agencies to honor all our obligations to active-duty military and military veterans. • Providing veterans and military personnel with appreciation, respect, and benefits merited through honorable service to our country. • Efforts to locate and bring home service personnel who are prisoners of war or missing inaction. • Only voluntary enlistment in the armed service.

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DNC Veterans and Military Familes Council