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Rep. Heather Keeler

MN House of Representatives

House District 4A

Moorhead, Minnesota

Heather is a proud Moorhead Spud mom to two boys, two-time alum of MSUM, and a neighbor actively engaged in her community. 


Before elected Representative Keeler in November 2020, Heather worked in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota with community partners to improve education equity and healthcare access and community engagement for unrepresented communities. 


During her first term in office, Heather served as the Vice Chair of the Preventing Homelessness Committee and as a Member of the Conference Committee for Higher Education. Currently in her second term, Heather serves as the Vice Chair of the Child And Families Policy and Finance Committee and is as the only BIPOC queer member on the Health and Human Services Conference Committee. Heather also served on the Minnesota Indian Affairs Council for 3 years.


In 2019, Heather successfully spearheaded the movement for the City of Moorhead to recognize and celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day annually on the second Monday of October, which she later shepherded through the MN House becoming a state-wide day of honor and remembrance.

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