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¡Gracias por apoyar las Resoluciones del Caucus Rural en la Convención Estatal DFL de 2022!

Cada una de las resoluciones promovidas por elCaucus Rural DFLfue adoptado, gracias a todos lospartido de minnesota dfl, ¡Los asistentes a la convención estatal, todos los que los presentaron en el caucus de su precinto y cada unidad organizadora que los adoptó para pasar a la convención estatal!

Right To Repair

  • Support Right to Repair Laws to protect consumers from manufacturers that restrict the ability of third party and self-repair of agricultural equipment that is already purchased.

Clean Drinking Water for All

  • Pursue policies that ensure access to clean and accessible drinking water for all Minnesotans.

Environmental Regulation

  • Oppose any effort to circumvent or weaken state or federal environmental laws or protections involving administrative procedures and permitting.

Minnesota Equal Rights Ammendment Resolution

  • The DFL Party make the Minnesota State Equal Rights Amendment a top priority in 2024: 1 to ensure that the rights of all Minnesotans are secured into our strongest legal document; 2. to promote the robust MN State ERA to ensure passage through the MN Legislature this Session; 3 to help lead the charge for a successful robust state ERA ballot initiative campaign in 2024.

Oppose Minnesota C02 Pipeline Projects Resolution

  • Oppose construction in Minnesota Rural/Farming Communities CO2 Pipelines

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Regenerative Farming & Regional Food Systems Resolution

  •  Support the development of regional food systems and regenerative farming practices.

Rural Child Care Shortage Resolution

  • Support the passage of legislation that addresses the shortage of available child care in rural Minnesota.

Rural Housing Shortage Resolution

  • The DFL Party encourage the passage of legislation that addresses the shortage of available housing, affordable and traditional, in rural Minnesota.

Universal Single Payer Health Care Resolution

  • The DFL Party prioritizes adoption of a single payer, universal national health care system that provides accessible, affordable health care for all by enacting the Minnesota Health Plan (Marty) at the State Level and the Medicare for All Act of 2023 (Jayapal) at the National Level.

Unsafe Pesticides Resolution 

  • Support policies to reduce or eliminate the use of unsafe pesticides such as glyphosate, neonicotinoids, and chlorpyrifos in agriculture and on recreational land or lawns and require any business selling plants to let the public know whether or not the plant has been treated in any way with systemic pesticides from the neonicotinoid family. 

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These were other resolutions that submitted but not chosen as our Top Ten.

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