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The DFL Rural Caucus was formed in 2019, to ensure a voice for rural communities, and to work toward addressing the needs of rural Minnesota. Rural Minnesota represents around 20% of the state’s population. The foundation of American democracy was built on the idea of a self-sufficient rural citizen.  While much has changed in the makeup of the United States since then, rural voters have concerns and issues that are vital to rural communities, like reliable broadband service, education, conservation, and access to healthcare. As the elections in 2016 so powerfully demonstrated, the democratic party cannot cede a single county or vote in its fight to ensure a free and fair society. In order to accomplish this goal, the DFL must have a strong party structure in every region statewide. The DFL Rural Caucus serves to ensure a voice for rural communities to communicate concerns and needs to the DFL.


Since its inception, the Rural Caucus has provided a mechanism for rural residents to become members engaged with the ongoing work of the DFL, generating support for and understanding of rural issues for caucus members, the DFL, and with key stakeholder organizations working on behalf of rural residents and communities, recruiting DFL members and providing support to county parties where rebuilding is needed, supporting DFL candidates, and recruiting high-quality candidates to ensure that no race goes uncontested.


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Meet Our Executive Board

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Theresa Keaveny




Sarah Hill-Klabunde

Director - CD7

Athena Gracyk

Director -CD7

Shawn Groth

Director- CD1

Brian Rohrenbach

Direct - CD2

Jennifer Cronin

Director - CD7

Deb Taylor

Director - CD8

Robert Anderson

Director - CD7

John Lipke

Director - CD7

Megan Bond

Director - CD8

Ben Dolan

Director - CD7

Bonnie Lokenvitz

Director - CD8

Reed Perkins

Director- CD7

Del Jenkins

Director - CD1

Jeffrey Strand

Director - CD5

Thaddeus Laugisch

Director - CD7

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