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Become a DFL Rural Caucus Member!

Fill out the form below to become a member of the DFL Rural Caucus.

Rural Caucus members are the ultimate authority of the caucus. They elect our board and drive our endorsement and outreach work. Every member has voting privileges at membership and committee meetings. Become a member to support our work!


Membership is open to all people who support the goals of the DFL Rural Caucus. Dues for both new and renewing members are $12 per year. A dues waiver is available (see below) if you are not able to pay dues. Simply submit the form and we'll add you as a member.

Dues are due at the beginning of each new year. Email Lori at to check your membership status.

You may opt to pro-rate membership dues at $1 per month for any remaining months in the calendar year if you don't join or renew in January.

Membership Dues

  • New Member: $12 (or $1 per month prorated)

  • Returning Member: $12 (or $1 per month prorated)

  • Dues Waiver: $0 - Fill out this form*

*Payment of dues is voluntary and are NOT required to be a member.


If you have any membership questions, please email

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