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  • DFL Rural Caucus Endorses Rep. Alicia “Liish” Kozlowski for Re-election in Minnesota State House District 8B

    Duluth, MN - The DFL Rural Caucus is thrilled to announce its endorsement of Rep. Alicia “Liish” Kozlowski for re-election in Minnesota State House District 8B. Serving their first term representing eastern Duluth, Rep. Kozlowski has been a dedicated advocate for inclusive and thriving economies, affordable housing, climate justice, education equity, and critical infrastructure in Minnesota. As a member of the Capital Investment, Economic Development Finance and Policy, Housing Finance and Policy, and Labor and Industry Finance and Policy Committees, Rep. Kozlowski has been a driving force in shaping legislation that supports a more equitable and sustainable future for all Minnesotans. Their commitment to advancing gender freedom, racial equity, and inclusion has been instrumental in creating positive change within the legislature. Rep. Kozlowski made history as the first non-binary/Two Spirit person to serve in the state legislature and proudly co-created the first Queer Caucus in the DFL party. Additionally, they were elected Vice Chair of the People of Color and Indigenous (POCI) Caucus, further demonstrating their dedication to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in Minnesota politics. "We are proud to endorse Rep. Alicia “Liish” Kozlowski for re-election in District 8B," said Theresa Keaveny, DFL Rural Caucus Chair. "Their leadership and advocacy on critical issues such as affordable housing, climate justice, and education equity have made a significant impact on our community. We urge voters to support Rep. Kozlowski in the upcoming election to continue moving Minnesota forward towards a more just and inclusive future." Rep. Alicia “Liish” Kozlowski's unwavering commitment to driving positive change and advancing equity and inclusion makes them an excellent choice for re-election in District 8B. The DFL Rural Caucus stands behind Rep. Kozlowski and encourages voters to show their support at the polls. Learn more about Alicia “Liish” Kozlowski at

  • DFL Rural Caucus Proudly Endorses Brian Hobson for Minnesota House District 5A

    Park Rapids, MN - The DFL Rural Caucus is excited to announce its endorsement of Brian M. Hobson for State Representative in Minnesota House District 5A. As a dedicated 3rd-grade teacher in Laporte, MN, Brian brings a wealth of experience and a strong commitment to serving his community and advocating for education. Raised in Pine City with parents who were educators and lawyers, Brian Hobson learned the values of responsibility and integrity from an early age. His entrepreneurial spirit was evident when he started his own lawn-mowing business at just twelve years old. Through his diverse teaching experience across Minnesota and abroad, Brian has demonstrated a strong work ethic and a passion for nurturing young minds. "With his master's degree and dedication to education, Brian Hobson is well-equipped to serve as the next State Representative for District 5A," said Theresa Keaveny, Chair of the DFL Rural Caucus. "His commitment to his community and his district's future make him an excellent candidate to represent the interests of the residents of 5A." Brian Hobson's lifelong dedication to education and community service, coupled with his strong work ethic and passion for helping others, make him a standout candidate for the Minnesota House. The DFL Rural Caucus proudly endorses Brian Hobson and encourages voters in District 5A to support his candidacy in the upcoming election. To learn more about Brian Hobson’s campaign, visit ###

  • DFL Rural Caucus Proudly Endorses Mark Munger for Minnesota State House in District 3B

    Duluth, MN - The DFL Rural Caucus is honored to announce its endorsement of Mark Munger for the Minnesota State House in District 3B. With a distinguished career in law, public service, and community involvement, Mark Munger brings a wealth of experience and a strong commitment to serving the people of District 3B. Born in St. Paul but raised in Duluth from a young age, Mark Munger has deep roots in the community. He graduated with honors from Duluth Denfeld High School, the University of Minnesota Duluth, and the William Mitchell College of Law. With a background as a trial attorney from 1981 to 1998, including serving as Proctor City Attorney for 14 years, Munger has a proven track record of advocating for justice and upholding the law. In 1998, Mark Munger was elected as a Judge and served in that capacity until January 2019. He continued to contribute to the legal system as a senior judge during the pandemic. Munger's commitment to public service extends beyond the courtroom as he is actively involved in the community as the Co-Executive Director of Grace ELCA in Hermantown and serving on the Voyageurs Scout Council Advancement Committee. Mark Munger's extensive experience, commitment to justice, and dedication to community service make him a strong candidate for the Minnesota State House. The DFL Rural Caucus stands behind Mark Munger and encourages voters to support him in the upcoming election. ###

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  • 2024 Endorsed Candidates: Jen Schultz

    < Back Jen Schultz U.S. House of Representatives Congressional District 8 Duluth, Minnesota Jen Schultz, a dedicated candidate for Congress in Minnesota's 8th Congressional District, is a passionate advocate for positive change. With a background in public service and a commitment to community well-being, Schultz champions accessible healthcare, economic revitalization, and educational opportunities. Her focus on grassroots solutions and inclusivity reflects a deep understanding of the district's diverse needs. Endorsed by the DFL Rural Caucu s, Jen embodies the values that resonate with Minnesota's 8th. Support Jen Schultz for Congress to ensure thoughtful and effective representation, where community voices are amplified, and a brighter future is built for all. Donate Website

  • Yard Signs | DFL Rural Caucus

    Get Your DFL Rural Caucus Yard Sign! Step One: Fill out the form as indicated below. ​ Step Two: You will be redirected to a donation page. Please fill out the suggested donation for $15 per sign you are requesting. Get Your Yard Sign! First name Last name Email Phone How many signs would you like? Street Address Street Address Line 2 City Postal / Zip code What Congressional District do you live in? Choose a district How are you donating? Cash (In-Person Only) Online (In-Person or Online) Request a Sign

  • Join the DFL Rural Caucus | DFL Rural Caucus

    Join the DFL Rural Caucus The DFL Rural Caucus invites you to become a member. Annual membership in the DFL Rural Caucus is free and open to anyone who completes the form below and who supports the mission and purpose of the Caucus. While not required, voluntary donations are encouraged and appreciated to support the work of the DFL Rural Caucus to advance DFL values and to elect DFL candidates up and down the ballot. Note: Information shown below with an asterisk (*) is required to become a member of the DFL Rural Caucus. First Name Last Name Email Phone Street Address City Postal / Zip code County Congressional District Senate District House District By completing this form, I confirm my membership in the DFL Rural Caucus for 2024. I affirm my support for the DFL Rural Caucus mission and goals and understand that, as a member, I am able to vote in DFL Rural Caucus meetings and participate in caucus events and activities. Payment of dues is not required for active membership. SUBMIT Donate to the DFL Rural Caucus Donate to the DFL Rural Caucus to help advance DFL values in Rural Minnesota and to elect DFL candidates up and down the ballot by clicking the button below or by writing a check payable to DFL (write "Rural Caucus" in the memo field) and mail to: Lori Sellner, 221 4th Ave. - Apt. 4, Sleepy Eye, MN 56085. Donate

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