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DFL Rural Caucus Proudly Endorses Mayor Harley Droba for Minnesota State House in District 3A

International Falls, MN - The DFL Rural Caucus is pleased to announce its endorsement of Mayor Harley Droba for the Minnesota State House in District 3A. Mayor Droba, a dedicated advocate for veterans' rights and community empowerment, brings a wealth of experience and a strong commitment to service to his campaign.

Raised in International Falls, MN, Mayor Harley Droba's passion for service was shaped during his time in the Army and further strengthened through his advocacy for veterans' rights. As a prominent voice for veterans within the VFW and the Minnesota State VFW Council of Administration, Mayor Droba has demonstrated his dedication to supporting and representing those who have served our country.

In addition to his advocacy for veterans, Mayor Droba has been a catalyst for positive change in his community. From revitalizing a local bowling alley for youth to promoting unity within the city council, his efforts have fostered a sense of community spirit and hope in International Falls. As a co-founder of IFalls Nice, Mayor Droba has worked to bring people together and advance progress in his community.

Mayor Harley Droba's unwavering dedication to service, his advocacy for veterans, and his track record of community involvement make him a strong candidate for the Minnesota State House. The DFL Rural Caucus enthusiastically supports Mayor Droba and encourages voters to rally behind him in the upcoming election.

Learn more about Harley Droba’s campaign at



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